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Partnering to meet federal goal set asides

On average, $4.65 billion in contracts is awarded to Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Businesses (SDVOSB) per year.

Partnering with a SDVOSB such as, Battle Tested L.L.C. , dramatically increases your chance to win contract awards. Since opportunities contain set-aside requirements that allow only small businesses to respond as the prime contractor, a partnership with an SDVOSB would provide the highest contracting status, limit the competition available and strengthen your likelihood for success.

Reduce Decision Cycle

From the viewpoint of government agencies, these partnerships are also more desirable since companies can use their unique capabilities to offer the best combination of performance, cost and delivery. In short, you’re more likely to win a contract with, Battle Tested L.L.C. , as the prime or subcontractor since many opportunities require a small business.

As a result, this restricts the pool of possible competitors, and it allows the two companies to share the risk of the project.

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